Is GolfNowPromoCodesq Any Good for GolfNow Discount Codes?

Some of the most common questions that golf lovers have asked themselves when searching for GolfNow discount codes is “Is the XXX site any good to find GolfNow codes?” Today I thought I could talk about GolfNowPromoCodesq, a website that I simply love for so many reasons. Why this article is written around GolfNow discount codes? Because my husband loves golf and don`t write posts for him to often, although he deserves it.

About GolfNow and Its Discount Codes

GolfNow is a company that started its first steps in the golf business in 2001. The brand had one single mission: to offer golf lovers with a much easier way to really connect to some of their favorite golf courses as well as tee times. At present time it`s one of the most largest tee time booking services online, doing business in Mexico, Bermuda, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada as well as Ireland.

GolfNow discount codes are nothing more than “old-fashioned coupons” distributed online for all players of golf who want to save money on their tee times. Whenever you decide to use such a code, you benefit of instant savings upon your tee time reservation.


Now GolfNowPromoCodesq is a blog that is specifically built around online codes released by GolfNow. I suspect the person behind the creation of this site is a person who either enjoys playing golf or he just loves the services offered by GolfNow. The website isn`t around for very long – I think it was created sometimes this year, but it`s gaining popularity among golf lovers quite fast.

Advantages of This Great Site

There are many reasons for which I really love GolfNowPromoCodesq, but I won`t outline them all now because this article is made to have an ending at some point. But I will highlight a couple of reasons for which I really love it.

Plenty of Useful Information – Most coupon code sites offer a list of available codes, and that`s that. Not! This site offers real information that relates to these GolfNow promotional deals. The blog offers information on GolfNow news, updates, promo deals, discounts, tee times reservations, and so on! If you aren`t really interested in getting real codes, but rather some related information about GolfNow and its promotion codes, than you this is the site for you.

It`s Clean Layout – One of the things I like the most at this site is its clean theme. A lot of coupon-related sites have a lot of logos, images and banners that tend to stress the eyes of the average user in an attempt to catch its interest and use its codes. This isn`t the case here! The user-friendly layout that includes a bit of green and mostly white is something that won`t disturb you while navigating the site in your quest for GolfNow promotional codes.

SideBar YouTube – Not all people have the patience to read entire paragraphs of text. Some of them love to watch videos. You can also find a YouTube video related to GolfNow Rewards on the sidebar of this great blog. And once you are on YouTube, your options become endless.

Social Interaction – Are you a Facebook or Twitter person? Do you like to socially connect with other people and talk about your interests? GolfNowPromoCodesq offers you social buttons to share or LIKE the articles you read on this site. Now your friends can find out too about one of the great posts you`ve just red online.

But Is the Site Any Good for GolfNow Discount Codes?

Well, this is still open to debate. I guess it all depends on everyone`s personal opinion. I myself like not only to find real GolfNow codes when searching them for my husband, but also information on how to use a specific code, reliable places where to find them, how to avoid GolfNow scams, and so on. It`s true that the final goal is to find good codes that you can use, but GolfNowPromoCodesq offers those as well. Not as many as RetailMeNot or do, but it does offer some.

Share your Opinion

If you haven`t visited GolfNowPromoCodesq by now, you should visit it and then drop by to comment on this post your honest opinion. I`m pretty sure you`ll love it.

Kalorik Kristmas Giveaway – Baby Food Maker!

Kalorik has been designing, producing, and selling trusted small appliances in Europe for over 80 years. Today, their advanced technology and sleek, modern style catches eyes and can surely add functional style to any kitchen. Kalorik still makes toasters like it did 80 years ago, but now the product line is so expansive that it covers everything from blenders to ipod-ready barbecue grills.

I’m now the proud owner of a Kalorik Baby Gourmet!

This baby food maker is brand-spankin’-new and although it will be soon, is not available for purchase yet. The Baby Gourmet allows you to turn pieces of raw whole foods into warm, fresh baby food using steam that seals in nutrients. The entire process takes under 10 minutes and the end result is delicious, preservative-free meals for your tiny one that can save you lots of money in the long run!


What’s else does it do besides make baby food? It comes with attachments that allow to to sterilize pacifiers, defrost frozen food, and safely heat up milk in just minutes. My favorite feature is the cooking time system. You don’t have to worry about watching the clock! Baby Gourmet’s manual gives you instructions on how much time is needed to cook specific things, and the included pouring cup is marked in minutes and ounces of water. If you need to cook something for 10 minutes, you look for the 10 minute mark on the cup, fill it up with water to that mark, add the water to the tank on the Baby Gourmet, and just simply turn the machine on. It will stop steaming exactly when that amount of time has been reached! Pretty cool, huh?

I love how there are only 2 “on” modes: steam and chop. There’s no guessing about speeds and the work is done for you. All pieces are removable and washable and the cover snaps on tight before it allows you to turn it on. So far I’ve made sweet potatoes and squash for Lyla and they came out great! I may or may not have also made salsa and guacamole for myself. :P

The Giveaway
(Open to US residents only)

1 reader is going to win their very own Kalorik Baby Gourmet just in time for the holidays!

Mandatory Entry

Leave a comment telling me who you would make baby food for with the Kalorik Baby Gourmet (or gift it to)!

Extra Entries
You can leave one comment per entry

The giveaway will close on November 17, 2014 at 9pm EST and the winner will be selected via I was provided a baby food maker to review and all opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

CheaperThanDirt Promotional Codes – Bringing Happiness to Gun Enthusiasts

Do you consider yourself a person who`s into shooting sports? Do you rarely use firearms mostly as a hobby because you can`t afford it? Then you should most definitely consider using CheaperThanDirt promotional codes as you`ll save a lot of money on the long run.

About CheaperThanDirt

As you might know already, CheaperThanDirt is an online retail store specialized in guns, ammo and shooting gear.

Quality Resources That You Can Use Online

If you are reading these lines, then you are perhaps looking for answers where to locate such CheaperThanDirt promotion codes. Here are three of your best online options where to locate them.

1. Brand`s Official Site & Facebook Page

As any other popular brand that respects its customers, CTD will release new promotional codes on its official website each month. There you can find information about ammunition and handguns, online magazines related to firearms and other different information for gun enthusiasts, hunters or outdoor survivalists.

From the home page of the brand`s site you have a direct link to the CTD`s Facebook page. This is also a good online resource when it comes to promotion codes. A lot of users who are probably looking for the exact same thing are visiting this web page every day. And if you browse the page a bit and still can`t find desired answers, you can always write a post with your concern. Other users who might have knowledge of online websites where you are able to find CTD discount codes will be happy to help you if they can.

2. Blogs

Online blogs like can offer you a lot of useful related info. This isn`t necessarily an online site that offer real codes, but rather more of a blog with related information about promotional deals released by CheaperThanDirt. The great thing about this small blog is that it covers not only info on promotion codes, coupons or discount, but also offer reviews and updates on a more large scale with anything related to CTD.

3. Online Forums

Forums are perhaps the easiest ways to find a CTD promotion code. You just need to use your favorite search engine and type in “cheaper than dirt promotional code + forum” and you`ll get several online forums displayed on your screen immediately. Browse through all the threads and see if other users are sharing info about CTD online codes. If not, again, simply post a new thread about the fact that you`re searching for any discount offer for CTD products, and if other users may have information on this matter, they won`t have any reason not to share such info.

4. 3rd-Party Sites

There`re a lot of such online sites that we can highlight here, but many of them are not that reliable and do not update their database that often. So, we`ll just mention a couple reputable ones because they are enough for our purpose.

  • RetailMeNot - One of the best sites when it comes to online codes is If you are looking for CTD coupon codes, CTD promotional codes or any other type of discounts, this should be your first choice. They update their database on a weekly basis and they cover almost any brand you can imagine, CheaperThanDirt included.
  • Ebates - Another reputable site that is often forgot by users when looking for CTD online codes is Ebates. Its database is not that large as the one used by, but it has a design that is user-friendly and most people find its navigation system easier to use when looking for online deals. Simply use its internal search option located on the menu bar`s top right and type “CTD online codes.” You`ll get all the available option displayed on the next page immediately.
  • PromoCodeBuzz - One of the things I like at this site is that I can see the success rate of the Cheaper Than Dirt coupon codes I find. When I find a code with a success rate of 75%, I`m sure that is a code I can use.


As you already guessed, your hobby will very much depend from now on from CheaperThanDirt promotion codes. I don`t think I need to outlines any more reasons if you have red this article.

8 Tips to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

Make no mistake – if you`ll use these 10 tips for cooking Thanksgiving Turkey, you will most certainly look like a professional to your guests. Regardless if you it`s your first time when you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or not, these tips are exactly what you need to get things done and receive a 10+ from anyone who`s coming to your Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Choosing the Right Turkey

Organic or frozen? Heritage or fresh? It`s not easy to make this choice. If you`ll want to try a breed of turkey the old-fashioned way, a heritage turkey can be the best choice because it`s leaner and a lot more flavorful. You may need to pay more money, but it`s worth it in the end. If organic is important for you, you may want to choose a turkey that was fed after organic standards.

2. Choosing the Right Size

If you want to purchase the right size of turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner, simply count your guests. Also, don`t forget to add several pounds for bones to have just the right weight. For instance, eight guests will need a 12-pound turkey.

3. Using a Rack of Vegetables to Cook your Turkey

A mother and a wife who isn`t cooking for the first time in her life actually knows this. Always choose to use a rack of vegetables when cooking your turkey. Use onions, celery and carrots to give a natural look to your turkey. Besides that, all these vegetables will add a wonderful flavor.


4. Brining Will Keep your Turkey Moist

Brining is an easy method to have a moist turkey. A normal brining way will include sugar, water, salt as well as a selection of aromatics and spices. Don`t forget to use a recipe that you trust so you don`t get wrong the proportion of each.

5. Rub your Turkey using Oil or Butter

Just before adding your turkey to the oven, don`t forget to rub it your turkey with butter or oil. But you need to make sure it`s dry first.

6. You Can Skip the Basting

This is actually you keeping the oven door more open than closed. This will result in fluctuations of the temperature which may dry out the turkey. Instead, you can keep your bird moist by rubbing and brining it with oil or butter.

7. A good Thermometer for Meat It`s a Must

How will you know that when your turkey gets at 165 degrees F, it`s ready, if you don`t have a good thermometer? You need to check it from time to time by inserting the thermometer in the turkey`s thickest side.

8. Leave It to Rest

Tent the bird with foil and leave it to rest to have all the flavors locked in it. You don`t need to leave it more than 10 to 15 minutes. Be careful not to cover your turkey too tight because it may steam under your foil and that might ruin everything.