Why I Quit Blogging

It’s true. I quit blogging… or maybe not!

As some of you know from some of my posts from other mommy blogs, I was quite an active blogger until last year. But for the past year or so I quit. This is a weird way to start my first post on my own blog, but this is also the reason I started this way.

And here’s why, in a list of Top 5 Reasons Why I Quit Blogging:

5. I eked out my last blog post on December 9, in the height of Holiday Shopping Season, right before the season sucked me in and engulfed me in its frenzy. We have a large extended family and the majority of the shopping and wrapping and cooking and entertaining fell on my shoulders and kicked my butt hard.

4. Sometime after Thanksgiving I pinched a nerve in my neck and then floated through the holiday season and in to the New Year on Valium and Vicodin, which made my head a tad too fuzzy to write intelligibly.

Quit Blogging

3. The huz. He’s not against the blog. But he does roll his eyes when he notices anything related to social media on my computer screen. And he’s not against social media. He’d just prefer that I do something on this here laptop that contributes to our family’s income.

2. The Advertising Working Mothers of the Year. This is a major reason why I stopped blogging, stopped watching TV, stopped eating and going to the loo. The A.W.M.O.Y. is an annual awards initiative, and I was hired as a consultant to manage it this year. I honestly just could not find a second to do anything but A.W.M.O.Y. from December 1 until it ended on February 17, at an awards luncheon in New York City. A luncheon where Joan Rivers yelled at me because she thought she was too short to be seen over the podium on stage. Compared to her daughter Melissa, however, Joan Rivers was a kitten. But I digress…

1. The number one reason why I quit blogging is probably something that many other bloggers have wrestled with, or worried about, at one time or another. It’s the notion that not a heck of a lot of people read my blog, so no one really cares what I write or if I write. So I’ll never be revered at a BlogHer conference, never showered in swag or sought after by PR folk.

I know. I’m supposed to be blogging because I enjoy writing/need an outlet/want a record of life’s events to look back on some day. I’m not supposed to worry about all those things in reason #1.


*So, did I quit blogging just for a while or am I quitting forever? Check back soon for the answer and we`ll see what happens! 😉